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ActiveMQ 개요


ActiveMQ는 Apache Software Foundation 에서 진행하는 프로젝트 중 하나입니다.
아파치 ActiveMQ는 강력한 오픈 소스 메시징 통합 서버 시스템이며, 타 응용프로그램간의 메시징 전송을 위해 사용하는 오픈소스 서버입니다.

2011년 08월 31일 현재 최신 릴리즈 버전은 5.5.0 입니다.


  • Supports a variety of Cross Language Clients and Protocols from Java, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP
    • OpenWire for high performance clients in Java, C, C++, C#
    • Stomp support so that clients can be written easily in C, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, ActionScript/Flash, Smalltalk to talk to ActiveMQ as well as any other popular Message Broker
  • full support for the Enterprise Integration Patterns both in the JMS client and the Message Broker
  • Supports many advanced features such as Message Groups, Virtual Destinations, Wildcards and Composite Destinations
  • Fully supports JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4 with support for transient, persistent, transactional and XA messaging
  • Spring Support so that ActiveMQ can be easily embedded into Spring applications and configured using Spring's XML configuration mechanism
  • Tested inside popular J2EE servers such as Geronimo, JBoss 4, GlassFish and WebLogic
    • Includes JCA 1.5 resource adaptors for inbound & outbound messaging so that ActiveMQ should auto-deploy in any J2EE 1.4 compliant server
  • Supports pluggable transport protocols such as in-VM, TCP, SSL, NIO, UDP, multicast, JGroups and JXTA transports
  • Supports very fast persistence using JDBC along with a high performance journal
  • Designed for high performance clustering, client-server, peer based communication
  • REST API to provide technology agnostic and language neutral web based API to messaging
  • Ajax to support web streaming support to web browsers using pure DHTML, allowing web browsers to be part of the messaging fabric
  • CXF and Axis Support so that ActiveMQ can be easily dropped into either of these web service stacks to provide reliable messaging
  • Can be used as an in memory JMS provider, ideal for unit testing JMS

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